Serial Guide - PlayStation 1

Serial-type taxonomy

Below you can find the general overview of a standard PS1 serial-type.

Standard PlayStation 1 Discs

1st letter 2nd letter 3rd letter 4th letter
System 1st/3rd party Region Release category
S PS1 (& PS2) C First party E Europe D Demo
L Third party J Japan M Games
U USA S Games

Serial-number taxonomy

The serial numbers represent a lot less information than the serial type and without the serial type they are pretty meaningless. There is also way less standardization of the numbers and it looks like every region was allowed to come up with their own way of numbering the games. Nevertheless, for sake of completeness I will show the serial number regions below and I'll try to make as much sense of it as possible.

PlayStation 1


Serial numbers in Europe are pretty straightforward. They start at 00001 and count up from there. All different serial types (SCES, SCED, SLES etc.) are in the same range. There's also a nifty system for multi-disc games. Take a look at the serials for Final Fantasy VII:

                DISC 1: SCES-00867
                DISC 2: SCES-10867
                DISC 3: SCES-20867

For every disc the first digit has gone up. Pretty simple and straighforward!


The USA has a little more serial regions than Europe

SLUS games Starting at 00001 and counting up
SCUS games & demos Numbers in the 94xxx range
SLUS demos Numbers in the 90xxx range
SLUS trade demos Numbers in the 8xxxx range

And what about multi-disc games? Well, there is absolutely no system like in Europe: multiple discs just get another serial like they are a totally different game.